Friday, July 16, 2010

Simple Touches to Bring Cottage Style Decor into Your Home

summer time is the right time to fall in love with the cottage style decorating for your home. This includes casual and informal beach life, country, or rural retreat. Cottage style home decor reminds small vacation cabin hidden and not fussy, and all for leisure and lifestyle slow pacing. You can do this look at home with these contacts to bring the cottage style decorating your favorite places. Whether summer or winter, can not be placed back inside to go home to?

Light color: white, neutral, and colors inspired by beach hut décor is very common. Sunday bleached shades of blue and green with a sense of moldy interior. Cottage-inspired decor looks like it has been there for years. Choose colors that dumb, and consider using a complete white wash that looks fake. A cabinet, furniture, and walls are also taking ages Latina beauty. Varying shades of Tans, beiges, and white gives a fresh atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle that means the cottage. Use beadboard wainscoting and internally to see and to feel cabin.

FURNITURE: Minimal detailing and mix-and-match furniture is the heart of cottage décor. Chairs, tables, cabinetry and kitchen islands can be low maintenance with simple styling. Use slipcovers over couches and chairs in living areas to bring in the colors and textures that are low maintenance and beckon to relax in them. Wood is a favorite for cottage style décor because of its traditional beginnings. The cottage style dates back to craftsmen and artisans designing and building their own homes and furnishings. If using new furniture, distressing techniques will make furniture look worn, but comfortable and cozy.

STORAGE & DISPLAY: Open shelving, pots, baskets, and urns are popular for storage and display. Cottage style décor focuses on light and airy interiors. To achieve this, storage and display items are easy to find items that would be found in the country, farmhouse, or beach home. Heavy, dark storage furniture will overpower the space, and feel clunky and out of character. Instead use open shelving made from natural pine or oak. Garage and antique sales are perfect places to find creative storage ideas. Someone’s old pine bookshelf may be a perfect accent for your cottage décor!

Mixing decor: A Try combining modern materials, along with the cottage decor - the result will be beautiful! The kitchen is the perfect place to add a modern marble or granite counters, paired with a cabin inspired cabinet. modern equipment matching stainless steel with weathered pine floor and farmhouse sink with brushed nickel or copper fixtures are great. Cottage decorating can inspire you to live more relaxed and leisurely lifestyle. We can all take some tips from this method of decoration, but do you agree?

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