Sunday, April 24, 2011

William and Kate Middleton. Royal Wedding in a Royal Decor at Buckingham Palace

The Royal Wedding will be hosted at Westminster Abbey and the official dinner at Buckingham Palace two of the most representative historical buildings for the English nation.

This two buildings are the living proof that architecture is the ambassador of the history. The Abbey has a impressive Gothic style. Take a look at the picture above. So many elements that describe the virtuosity of those times.

The Buckingham Palace speaks for itself. Indoor, outdoor it is an eye-thrilling show. Everything is Royal custom made.
No wonder the Royal Couple will celebrate their wedding here. A Royal Wedding in a Royal Decor. A perfect wedding theme I might say:D

So if you and your mate are planning to have a royal wedding, this the perfect inspirational source. The interior design, the decor, the accessories, everything is a lavishing standard for royalty.

Would you use a royal theme for your wedding?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Modern and Luxurious Home Design in Fitzroy, Melbourne

What you see above is a 4 bedrooms home that packs an intelligent design by combining a living area with a truly amazing backyard garden. Located on the streets of Fitzroy, an inner city suburb of Melbourne, even though it’s not wide it promotes open space to make it look bigger, and packs some modern furniture to get your eyes with. May not be the home of my dreams, but it sure has lots of key elements to charm me with.