Saturday, August 27, 2011

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The Bathroom Tiles Variation Of Bathroom Design

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spectacular Waterfront Crib in Australia: Allegra House

Welcome to a contemporary home that impresses due to its imposing architecture and fabulous location. Allegra House is a joint design effort by TCL Homes and Think Design Studio. The residence was built by Michael Easton Construction in Sovereign Islands, Australia. According to the architects, “this magnificent full concrete contemporary family home spans 11,151 square foot on a 9,784 square foot block and boasts four generous bedrooms each with its own private ensuite.” The focal point of the residence is a generous open plan living room that opens up towards the fantastic neighboring views. All the interiors are decorated in a highly contemporary manner and the overall feel is that of luxury. We invite you to a virtual tour of this modern crib and are curious to see your reactions. Any design details that you find inspiring?[ Photography by: Konstantin Panov, Rix Ryan, Clive Buxton]

Furniture for Short-term Living Spaces

For many homeowners the reality of where their next home is, and where in the world takes them for business or pleasure can be world’s apart. For many, the reality of living in a home, or apartment for a few weeks or months at a time can be stressful to find furnishings, but also be costly and time consuming. Many people have found that finding apartments that are already furnished or even utilizing rental furniture is a viable option. If you need to buy furniture for a short-term living space, look here for tips to make every place feel comfortable and like home, without breaking your budget.

  • Assess your budget and your new home: While it’s nice to think you can move into an already furnished space, often times this isn’t feasible. Determine how much space you have in your rooms before picking out furniture. Conversely, determine how much you have to spend, and make a furniture budget. With measurements in hand and a budget already determined, this will help you be realistic when shopping. If you are moving for your job or company, ask them if they have a re-location package available, to help you with purchasing or renting furniture for your short-term living space.
Consider using repurposed and second hand furniture: With the trend in design towards repurposed furniture and decor, it is no longer taboo to hunt through dumpsters and salvage yards for furniture! While you may want to stick to cleaner sources for your finds, you will be surprised what furniture items you can find for next to nothing at second hand stores, garage sales, and sitting on the curb on trash day in many neighborhoods. Know exactly what you’re looking for, and research online advertising websites for garage sales, and tenants moving out of their apartments quickly. These sources can help you attain furniture that you can later fix up, refinish, or repurpose in your home.

Utilize multi-purpose furniture for multi-functions: While you may think you need to furnish a three bedroom apartment with 20 pieces of furniture, you may need to rethink your strategy. Since you will not be living in this home for years into the future, decide which pieces of furniture can double for other needs. A dining room table can serve as an office area, and a futon couch, can convert into a bed for overnight guests. You will be surprised how you may only need 5 pieces of multifunction furniture pieces instead of your assumed 20. This will save money, not to mention valuable space.

Research deals and bargains with your leasing company: Depending on what geographical area you are moving to, many leasing companies and landlords are looking for tenants to fill their units. This means they are offering move-in specials, furnished apartments, or reducing the price for monthly leasing. If you are trying to save money, seek out short-term housing that has a need to fill large portions of their buildings. Many new complexes want to show they have tenants, and will provide incentives for you to sign on the dotted line. Be patient, there are plenty of short-term housing options out there.

Finding furniture for your short-term living home can be simpler than you thought. Do your homework as to how much you can spend, how many pieces you really need, and if you will share your home with others. Many people find roommates to split living costs as well as buying furniture. Look at your living environment as a new living adventure as opposed to a negative. Have fun and enjoy your short-term living arrangement!

Freshome readers, share with us your tips for getting furniture on the cheap, when you aren’t planning on living in your next home for a while.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Beautiful and Luxurious Dream House Design

Justify FullDesigning a dream house is always like working on a dream project. It gives great pleasure but be aware that this project can be tricky too, as you will surely like to design it with the best specializations. There are several attributes which you need to work on while providing the exterior of your dream house like land size, number of room, number of floors and technical planning as well. If you have shortlisted a land to construct your dream house then you must consider the size of the land and then start with the proceedings, because the number of rooms, the number of floors will surely depend on the size of the land. After selecting a land then comes the planning for the number of rooms which vary from family to family. For instance, a nuclear family requires less number of rooms as compared to the joint family.

After fixing all these issues then arrives the need to design the blueprint of the interiors. This constitutes the organization of the rooms and their placing. Normally the bedrooms are crafted at the corners of the house with the living room in the middle. Apart from these grant your attention to other parts which you want to append in your dream house like study room, washroom wall decors and so on. You can execute the floor planning using various architectural software available.

While constructing your dream you must be cautious about various tips and warnings like employing plumbing fixtures very close to each other can save a large amount of your construction cost. For example in a multistory house, design your house in such a way that one washroom is on the top of the other one. You must also consider the activities that quite often take place on your family by your family members. Also consider the location, climatic conditions and the design of the surrounding homes to design your dream house. Plan how you want the outlook of your house and then start accordingly. This will provide a blueprint how you want your dream house to be.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Modern Beach House With White Exterior Paint by Richard Meier

This beachfront house in South California is designed by Richard Meier and his partner Michael Palladino for art collectors. It fronts the Pacific Ocean to the south, a courtyard to the west, and the highway to the north. 4,280-square-foot modern house maximize every square inch of the site intelligently and like in many houses in this region the open space creates an exterior living room. The courtyard provides a visual link between the entry, the highway and the ocean beyond. The public areas open onto the courtyard. The living room has double-height ceiling and links the enclosed spaces with the deck and ocean via a full-height wall of glass and sliding doors. The private living areas are hidden on the east side of the entry. Even though there are plenty glamour houses in South California Richard Meier‘s beach house design is done in more modern style than many others.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dream Tropical House Design in Maui by Pete Bossley Architects

Tropical climate is one of those factors which attracts people who want to have a house of their dreams. This house on Maui, Hawaii is one of those houses. It has great open plan where indoor areas are connected to outdoor areas as much as possible. Thanks to that it takes advantage of the sea breezes to naturally ventilate and cool the interior. The house is composed of five separate buildings, linked by broad covered ways and wrapped around an open courtyard. The pool in the courtyard and many small water canals make it possible to hear water flowing from any outdoor patio or terrace which could be found anywhere on the site. Even though the concept of open-plan living is quite typical for tropical houses this house definitely implements all its advantages. It was designed in build with environmentally sustainable design princeps in mind what is on of the main ideologies of Pete Bossley Architects.