Monday, July 5, 2010

Over, Ergonomics and Functionality in the Kitchen Design

Over is the new line kitchens created and organized by prestigious brands Febal. They contain a wide range of cuisines available in two models Trend and Vogue and in a wide variety of materials and colors for decorate the kitchen in a practical and elegant. The result is a collection which combines a high aesthetic design ergonomics and functionality able to respond effectively to requests for greater restraint in domestic spaces . With a range of cuisines Over, Febal wanted to seek new solutions to maximize space and materials kitchen protagonist in the house and all this through new interpenetration of volumes , function and aesthetics . The result is a kitchen on a human scale characterized by a module height for all bases with 84 cm to 6 cm base that allows for both an expansion of the content compared to other modules have been used and an increase in height of the work that respond to ‘ increase in average height found in the younger generation . Version Trend is characterized by its laminated aluminum wing structure that becomes an element of support for glass panels painted or stone in various colors and finishes. The doors of the version Vogue are made of MDF and finishes are available in a wide range of colors both opaque and glossy lacquer and wood veneer with brushed horizontal yellow pine and elm shade , white and gray. An excellent opportunity to individually decorated their kitchen!.