Monday, July 19, 2010

Luxury Casa Kimball Beach House Design in Dominican Republic

Casa Kimball private house on the coast escape and luxury villa rental is located in the Dominican Republic north coast. It is set on a cliff with an awesome panorama of the Atlantic. Despite having a large terrace, an infinite edge pool, outdoor jacuzzi and high windows that are intended to protect views of the surrounding villas. Interior space together with the places on the outside, all of which are designed to allow the sea breeze in the shade from the sun throughout the year. villa is approximately 20,000 square meters and consists of two rooms and two outdoor, dining room with views of the pond focus on marine, and outdoor bar area.

45m pool form the long middle part of the Casa Kimball is one of the main features. Every room in the house near the sea where the infinity and beyond. Three different levels of platforms in the hole will allow visitors to lie down in the water, sit and lounge. Using a little reflective blue tiles, the surface of the pool changes color to match the sea. Swim out to sea to create the impression that the sea itself, people see nothing but endless horizon where the water meets the sky.

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