Friday, July 16, 2010

Defining Interior Your Home’s Style with Accent Walls

Accent on the wall of the room to change the proportion, tone, and the size of what you feel in space. Initially, the wall of a dark color or accent colors complement the main room. This will be used for accent wall to draw your eye to the main focus, and not far from the region well. Yes, the fireplace entertainment center, bed or be the main focus of the room, and so does the front wall accents. Today, not only painted an accent wall, see the options to determine the style of your home with other rich ingredients.

NATURAL MATERIALS: Stone, brick, slate and wood are all ingredients found in nature that acts as a natural way to bring the outside in, especially on an accent wall. Rough and more of the material, which feels much more rural and informal spaces. Although using smaller elements and smooth, the room feel more formal and refined. The fireplace is a natural accent walls that need attention when you walk into the room. Consider using natural ingredients big or small, to set the tone for the rest of the room

MURALS: Remember the life size athletic stickers that kids would put up in their rooms? Murals are the adult version of these! Adults can express their passions on the wall and still look stylish. Murals can be applied like wall paper, and come in a variety of options. Sports, nature, illusions, and cityscapes are popular amongst people who want to have an accent wall that delivers excitement or a blast of pop culture. Stickers and adhesive applications are smaller versions of murals, but can be used on accent walls as well.

HALLWAYS/STAIRS: In these areas we rarely consider using accent walls. Accent walls can also be used to deliver the individual through an ‘experience’ on their way to another room of the home. Ever been in a house with a long hallway and there’s nothing on the walls? It feels like the longest hallway ever! Consider using pops of color, natural materials, or treat it like an art gallery. Accentuate the space with the use of framed photographs, art, and family memorabilia. Instead of wanting to run down the hall, the space will be a lot more enjoyable to travel through.

WINDOWS: Believe it or not, an accent wall could also be a window. Many homes have incredible picturesque views of mountains, city lights, the ocean, or a gorgeous manicured lawn. Windows create a ‘living’ accent wall that is ever changing, and provides the space with light. To take advantage of a beautiful view, consider using windows with minimal mullions to break the eye’s view. The fewer interruptions your eye makes, the more the outdoors will pull itself inside your home. Expansive windows can make a painted accent wall seem pale in comparison.