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Futuristic Italian kitchen with Retro Shades

Designed by Daniele Lago, the futuristic, elegant and stylish kitchen 36E8 is an odd mixture of styles as its name indicates. The kitchen is designed in typical Italian style with plenty of bright shades, lots of glossy finishes and yet very modern and minimalistic approach towards the shelves and the space available. Despite its bright appearance, it is highly organized, can be altered to suit various needs and from what we understand, you can have your picnic lunch in it by just changing the flooring for the occasion! Spacious and sleek, 36E8 is a pretty modern and unique kitchen.

Outdoor Rooms Help Expand Homes

If the economic downturn means a new house isn’t realistic right now, consider adding an outdoor room to your home. You can extend your kitchen, expand the family room, create a meditation place — the possibilities are endless. The best part? There’s no need to take out a second mortgage, because you can do it yourself.

“Most do-it-yourselfers will find that a brick patio is less expensive than a comparably sized wood deck — and there is much less upkeep,” said Laura Schwind, a registered landscape architect for Pine Hall Brick, America’s largest manufacturer of genuine clay pavers.

To get started, place your outdoor furniture, the grill, kids’ toys, and other objects that you will want on the patio in the area of the proposed patio. Outline the area with a garden hose to see how much square footage you will need. You’ll also need to choose a pattern, keeping in mind that some patterns require more cuts than others.

To install, dig approximately eight inches down and six inches out beyond the area you will pave. Slope the soil about one-quarter inch per foot to allow for proper drainage.

Next, tamp the soil down with a hand tamper or a vibrating plate compactor.

Put down four inches — eight inches for driveways — of crusher run gravel, and compact it well with the tamper or plate compactor. Lay down two lengths of one-inch PVC pipe, parallel to each other and several feet apart. Cover the pipes with concrete sand, which is course and jagged, then use a board across the top of the pipes to screed the sand level.

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Design Xil Bathroom Furniture from Karol with Uncommon

Design Xil Bathroom Furniture

Design Xil Bathroom FurnitureDesign Xil Bathroom Furniture modern from Karol with Uncommon

Design Xil Bathroom Furniture
Design Xil Bathroom Furniture
Design Xil Bathroom Furniture modern

Kitchen Design Italian Company Futura Cucine

Kitchen Famous Italian Company Futura Cucine, have design kitchen ideas for decorate and remodeled our kitchen. A kitchen is a place where people spend time cooking and relaxing and many times where the family comes together. Black appliances contrast beautifully with white cabinets and a white island in this modern kitchen Futura Cucine.

Kitchen Design Italian Company Futura Cucine

Kitchen Design Italian Company Futura Cucine
Kitchen Design Italian Company Futura Cucine
Kitchen Design by Italian Company Futura Cucine

Black dishes and accessories always look fabulous on a white table in one of these black and white kitchens. Scandinavian design uses many of black kitchen cabinets as well, but the rest of the kitchen is very light with a great deal of white and a lot of lighting. Sometimes the black kitchen cabinets have glass fronts and are lit on the inside, which will really brighten up a kitchen. A warm wood floor can make a kitchen space more welcoming, more information about best pictures kitchen designs colors with black appliances Kitchen Design by Italian Company Futura Cucine.

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Wood Dining Table Furniture Design by Rodam

Wood Dining Table Furniture DesignWood Dining Table Furniture Design by RODAM

Wood Dining Table Furniture Design
Wood Dining Table Furniture Design
Natural Wood Dining Table Furniture Design

Wood Dining Table Furniture Design by Rodam appetite to be appropriate dining allowance appliance sets looks accustomed design, I anticipate authentic copse is solutions to makes the abreast copse dining tables. Because accustomed abstracts and acceptable woodworking techniques emphasize, to actualize the arts and crafts dining room. The Boat Shaped Modus table offers attractive accustomed copse disconnected alone by a accelerating stainless animate base, appropriate atmosphere that bears your badge of amore and comfort.

Two leaves aggrandize the table of 60 cm at anniversary end, so it can be for an affectionate acquisition or more. The bifold Kasus accustomed copse table extends to the guests. This is an aberrant adjustment in admeasurement with a strong, solid feel, and comes in ablaze or aphotic copse atom beautifully. This table will booty the adventure at a time back things were congenital to aftermost through the centuries. It can go duke in duke with banks Kasus or associated with avant-garde chairs. Here is best abreast dining allowance appliance Dining table design decorating account by Rodam.

Dorm Room Furniture

Dorm Room FurnitureDorm room is a space that reflects ‘you’ in a lot many ways. It’s a place where you introspect, connect with yourself, brainstorm and ideate. You party here, invite friends over for a cuppa hot coffee or study sessions. For all times you need a space that has a sense of individualism infused into its every nook and corner. And PB Teen teen makes the process a lot more easier.

For a very own personal space, the company has come up with impressive dorm room ideas. As you browse you’ll notice a few common features in all the dorm designs. The walls are painted in vibrant colors, rooms have space enough to accomodate all a student needs and white is the underlying theme for most of the dorm designs. Check out the duvet and the funky bunker beds. They look darn inviting!

Super Stylish Bathrooms from Delpha

Delpha brings a collection of ultra stylish bathroom interiors for you. The designs are inspired by nature, pop culture, baroque and urban interiors.

Each bath area runs on a central theme where the fixtures and accessories are thoughtfully arranged. Most of the designs sport brightly coloured walls with rich use of textures. Some walls have mosaic tiles which are like jewels studded in a luxurious haven of purity. Going by the images, it looks as though this Delpha collection is targeting the luxury end of the market meant for people willing to pay the extra dollar.

Browse through for more inspiration.

gorgeous green bathroom delpha

gorgeous bathroom design

Heavenly Bathroom

Red and White Bathroom delpha

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4 Living Room Design Concepts

If you are searching for information relating to living room design then you have come to the right place. Decorating or redesigning any part of your home should not be thought of as being an expensive and complicated activity. To minimize the amount of effort involved you should check out the five themes listed below.

Ethnic Design: An ethnically styled living room would be awash with fabrics and furnishings made by traditional craftsmen around the world. With more of us now concerned about the welfare of the world's poor, as well as the environmental aspect of choosing home furniture, an ethic design can perfectly illustrate your tastes and beliefs. When shopping for any traditional handicrafts be sure that they are part of a Fair Trade scheme and have been manufactured out of renewable materials.

Classic Modern Design: This is one of the most common styles present in people's homes. Properties which have a classic modern living room enjoy a relaxed ambiance with warm textures. Typically the furniture would have sharp distinct edges.

Zen Design: The word Zen is often associated with a very tranquil and serene atmosphere. By creating a Zen themed living space you will be able to ensure that the room is conducive to relaxation. A zen room design would incorporate basic elements such as water and light to create a natural relaxed setting.

Victorian Style Design: Perhaps you would like the timeless appeal of a Victorian styled room. These are often thought of as being highly sophisticated as well as plush and luxurious. It would involve using traditional wooden furniture and warm colors.

Before settling on one design you will need to consider whether it will compliment the rest of your home's decor. If you are planning on hiring a professional interior designer then always have a budget in mind before making contact.

Traditional and Classic Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Knobs

People of all the ages had a strange affinity to traditionalism in their lives. Whether it is occasional apparel or something to do with their interior art deco, giving a traditional touch defines and adds value to an otherwise hollow style. The trend of using traditional designs for interiors became more popular since 1990s.

Nevertheless, the advancement in technology has changed the face of traditional art by that time. Thus, the traditional choices were recognized with uniqueness and antiquity. And today when it comes to interior decoration antique and weathered designer items, real or imitated, are considered as a treasure.

In case of cabinet hardware, traditional designs and makes are highly in demand. It gives an entirely different look irrespective of the furniture type used. Changing the cabinet hardware like pulls, handles and knobs is one of the most economical methods of interior makeovers. It brings about a great visual impact several times higher than its cost. Nowadays, families who need to sell their old homes, adopt this technique of makeover so as to give their interiors an impressive finish for their prospective buyers. It is most effective in case of kitchen makeovers because maximum numbers of cabinets in a home are found in there.

One method of giving your kitchen a brighter and sparkling clean look is to decorate it with classic glass cabinet hardware. It is best suitable for small and dark kitchens. Glass absorbs and reflects light in certain quantities which increases the average luminosity of the space around. The effect may not be sufficiently apparent but it is the basic law of physics and it certainly exists. Glass knobs and pulls have a strong aesthetic aura that cannot be matched with metals or polished wood. And also there is a great deal of difference between traditional glass knobs and the modern ones. Most of the vintage glass cabinet hardware is made of foggier glass and sometimes they are mixed with alloys like brass that gives it a colorful finish.

But pure glass items were always in more demand than colored ones. Today, crystal cut glass knobs are manufactured that looks more slick and shiny. However, the soft glowing effect emanated from the classic style glass knobs is something unexplainable attractive. Even today glass knobs are manufactured to imitate the olden days but still they look different from the antique pieces. This is the main reason why antique glass hardware is still in high demand. The weathered and faded look that comes from natural aging of glass and longtime exposure to the atmospheric elements, gives the evidence of their antiquity. This makes them really invaluable and unique. More than utility, they shine as a marvelous piece of olden artwork.

Common design patters in glass knobs include star burst and sunflower types. However, global knobs with a smooth finish always had a great demand.

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Beautiful Outdoor and Garden Furniture Ideas

United States is become famous for Trex gardens and outdoor decks. The most brilliant part of Trex outdoor decks is that it is made of 50% recycled plastic and remaining 50% of reclaimed wood. So by using Trex...

Advantages Of Handcrafted Furniture

The elegance and creativity of handcrafted furniture can never be recreated with industrial mass production. There are many advantages in choosing this type of furnishings, benefits to keep in mind before opting for cheaper furniture, but often built with shoddy materials or at least less durable over time, which invariably lead to having to buy new ones soon. When you are preparing to decorate your home, it is good to think that is an investment that should last a long time in decades, resisting thousands of cleaning, scratches, race, dinners, lunches, small incidents.

Another variable key is the possibility of having custom-made furniture, and especially in the light of the space you have available, both to fill in a functional manner, both to ensure that no unnecessary spaces remain unused, dead spots. In this way all the spaces of your home are filled, emphasizing the aesthetic beauty of any room. These classic furniture become part of the house, helping to create that welcoming environment that everyone is looking for their family.

The kitchen is one of the most experienced and important areas of the house: for this reason, the ad hoc purchase of furniture is a choice more and more shared by those who have to furnish their homes. No doubt the price of fitted kitchens is higher than the ready-made solutions, but remember that the expenditure incurred will be repaid over time by the high quality of the furniture and their durability.

Another frequently used room, and therefore whose furniture is subject to considerable stress, is the living room. This is where the family spends most of the day. So this is also the most important room to be furnished, either because it transmits the entire family a sense of warmth and elegance, but also as a showcase to be presented to the guests. To always show the best, it is therefore important to carefully choose the furniture. So do not choose in haste, but wait to find the most suitable furniture, which represents us.
Also choosing the handcrafted furniture does not mean limiting the styles or variations. Because the variations are endless, as they are constructed to measure, and because the styles vary, however, from classical style to the rustic and the modern. You should not think that choosing handcraft furniture your house will look like a mountain cabin. Quite the contrary, being able to pick and choose size, colors, perhaps every piece of furniture, as well as windows, doors does nothing but expand the possibilities of furnishing your home.

No doubt this way furniture and fittings will be the most elegant, made with care, and will know how best to reflect your personality, so you can always live in a nice and familiar environment, where you feel completely at home and at ease.

Bedroom Decor In Red

Modern Red Bedroom DecorModern Red Bedroom Decor

Contemporary Red Bedroom DecorContemporary Red Bedroom Decor

If you want to make a bold and beautiful statement in your bedroom try and use the red master bedroom theme in the contemporary bedroom. A lot of people tend to get confused while decorating their bedrooms. Some may over decorate their bedroom while some may prefer to keep it simple. The bedroom has to provide you the right kind of haven when you come home. Bedroom decoration is based on aesthetic line and has to be clutter free.

Add the right zing to your bedroom:

The bed in the bedroom can be in contemporary design thus adding that extra space required in the room. The head rest made of leather can be in dark brown which matches perfectly with the bed. To add the right zing and the right streak of color you can use the red duvet which is a symbol of passion and love as well as enthusiasm and energy.

Arrange lamp shades in the bedroom so that they make the bedroom well lit. The rest of the lighting can be arranged in different angles through the windows which allow the right play of shadow and light in the bedroom. It is a good idea to have the lamp shades in red.

Accessories in red:

Sitting and relaxing in the bedroom is a common thing. To store all your albums containing precious memories and all your knick knacks you can have a chest at one end of the red bed. A red chair made of teak and other small pieces of furniture around the bedroom with red upholstery can look quite interesting. At one end of the bed you can have a stocky legged stool with a television set on the other side of the room which you can watch sitting comfortably on the bed. No need to dress the windows when you have panes of frosted glass fixed on them, which is an innovative way of not dressing the windows.

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas For Every Budget

Creating the type of bedroom interior design that is inviting and relaxing is something of an art form.

Anyone can place a bed, a chest of drawers and a night stand in a room and call it a bedroom. It takes a little more flair to create a rich bedroom interior design that calls out you, beckoning you to enter and leave your worries behind until the new day arrives tomorrow.

Good bedroom interior design begins with four walls. The shape and size of the room is of minor consequence; there is little you can do to change that shy of a total reconstruction of your home. In order to work with what you have, take a good look at your room.

Choose soothing paint colors or wall paper designs. Soft blues, greens and other favorite pastels are sure to make you breathe a little easier the moment you step into the room. Avoid deep colors that will pull the life right out of the room. The subconscious effects do not promote the goal of relaxation and released stress.

The bedroom's 2 main functions are sleep and sex. All other activities should be relegated to other rooms in your home.

Whatever you do, don't set up your home office in one corner of your bedroom. Avoid the temptation to bring in an office desk or a treadmill. Squeeze those items into other rooms in any way possible. If you don't, your bedroom will never encourage escape and rejuvenating rest.

It's a bit of a toss-up as to whether you should consider having the television in your bedroom. Most sleep therapists advise against the television or anything else that distracts you from one of the two prime functions of the bedroom. If you prefer to watch TV at night avoid horror movies, action and crime programs they can create deep images in your mind provoking restlessness throughout the night. The choice is yours.

Spend a bit more for the perfect accents. A plush comforter and some fluffy pillows on your bed will provide instant levels of comfort. Oh, and that bed? Choose the largest size that fits comfortably in the room you have to work with.

A king sized bed can offer a world of comfort and, if you're sharing your space with a partner, ample room to toss and turn and seek out just the right position without excessively disturbing your mate.

Take advantage of any space you might have for an easy chair. On nights when sleep just won't come you will have a refuge area to sit and read or engage in other activities that might help bring on sleep.

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Solar Patio Lights - An Inexpensive Way to Light Up Your Garden

Solar patio lights offer you an inexpensive yet creative way to light up your garden or patio. There are many advantages of using solar lighting and with so many types of solar lights available; you will never be short of ideas and ways to light up your garden in the night.


One of the best advantages of using solar garden lighting is that they are environment friendly. They utilize the sun power to light up. Since they are solar powered, you do not pay an electricity bill.

They are easy to install. You can do the installation on your own or you can hire a professional to help you out. You do not have to use wires or switches to operate these lights. Moreover, they do not require much maintenance. So, overall solar patio lights are an inexpensive way to light up your garden.

Most of the solar lightings today are equipped with sensors. This simply means that they will switch on and off automatically at dusk and dawn respectively. In other words, you will not be running through your garden at dusk to turn on the lights. In some areas of your garden you can choose to install lights with switches. For example, you can have switches on your solar lights. This way you can switch them off when you are not using them.


Solar lightings can light up every nook and corner of your garden. However, in order to have the right effect you need to focus on the placement. One of the most important things to keep in mind when installing solar patio lights is that they should be installed in an area that gets the most sunlight. Installing them in an area that gets partial sunlight will result in the lights not working properly.

Types Of Lights

The great thing about solar lights is that they come in numerous shapes and designs. So, basically you can find lights to match every corner of your garden and patio.

For example, you can use hanging and wall mount lightings for your pathway. They can also be used in the driveway and during any outdoor event. They come in all shapes and size.

If you are looking for solar lighting in your garden to show off the flower beds along the pathway, you can choose to buy ground stake lightings. These are installed in the ground. They will not only light up the pathway, but will also highlight your flowerbeds. So, use your creative imagination when placing these lightings.

If you have a deck, then you must use solar lights in your patio. You can install step lights to light up the stairs of your deck or patio. Solar step lights are durable, so you do not have to worry every time you step on them. These lights can provide atleast 8 hours of continuous lighting.

If you want to highlight a particular area of your garden, then garden spot lights are the perfect choice. They can be used to highlight a statue, pond, fountain or a uniquely landscaped area. Garden spot lights come in all shapes and sizes. They are usually designed to resemble woods or rocks so that they can easily blend into the landscape.

With so many options available, you easily find solar patio lights that match your landscape. The best part is that they are not that expensive and in the long run they end up saving you more money.

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting - Interior Lighting Design

If you are interested in contemporary bathroom lighting, you should know that there are many different types of modern bathroom lights available today. No matter the particular needs of your own bathroom, there is a type of wall lighting that will help it to remain attractive and tasteful. Wall lighting is common in bathrooms for a number of reasons, so there is a good chance that your bathroom could benefit from it as well if you are looking for a light source to install there. What follows should help you to understand many of the options in bathroom lighting that are available today.

Keeping your bathroom well lit is important. A bathroom that is lit too dimly or too brightly becomes a dramatically more uncomfortable place to be. However, a well lit bathroom is simply much nicer looking. The goal of modern bathroom lighting is to make the second scenario happen consistently, and avoid the first completely. This can be accomplished in a variety of different ways, some of which will be suited to your bathroom. For example, using modern vanity lighting in your bathroom can be extremely helpful if you want to lighten the mood.

However, there is a functional aspect to lighting your bathroom as well. Designer bathroom vanity lights may seem to be decorative, but the truth of the matter is they are anything but. Having your mirror and surrounding area well lit is an important part of having a functional bathroom. If you try to use your mirror, but cannot see your own face clearly, you have a problem. Luckily, there is a solution to that problem, and that solution is probably some form of wall lighting that can surround and illuminate your mirror. If you want to keep your bathroom easy to use, vanity lighting can be extremely helpful to you.

As you can see, there are many types of bathroom lighting that you might be interested in. Wall sconces, for example, are a popular option that can illuminate a bathroom easily and efficiently. However, if they do not do their job, there are many types of vanity lighting that can help them out, leaving the end result in your bathroom excellent and well lit. Taking the time to choose the right light for your bathroom is much quicker and easier than you might think. Despite the many choices available, you will be on the road to a better lit bathroom in no time at all.

Spring Floral Bedding Sets Decorations Ideas from Schlossberg

A cheerful spring will bring the spirit of its own for anyone who through the spirit. Schlossberg has designed Bedding sets decorations. With cheerful colors and images of flowers to make your bedroom more giving new mood. This floral contemporary bedding sets made from fine fabrics will be present in the month of June. Complete with the bed sheet, duvet, bed cover, and pillow case, we can apply thesebedding sets not only for the parent’s room, but also for the teenager room. This floral spring bedding collections was made up by Schlossberg, and the product was very friendly and humble to use. The affordable design and material was making us easy to clean and care the product.

Are you interested in having one set of Bedding Sets Decorations is for your spring this year? There are various kinds of decorations are on offer by Schlossberg for you. You have one of them soon. For more details and order right now, visit the website Schlossberg.











Modern and Elegant Duplex Penthouse by Joel Sanders Architects

Joel Sanders Architects has designed an amazing interior design of a modern duplex penthouse. The challenge posed by the design of this duplex penthouse was how to take advantage of the best asset of this corner unit – its dramatic diagonal downtown views that were compromised by discontinuous groupings of conventional double hung windows. a large window in the paint color blue / gray corner of the city will make a scene that we see from the penthouse to be more beautiful.

A darker inner band, lined with natural materials – walnut paneling and banquettes upholstered in deep blue mohair – defines the entry, stairwell and second floor pool/guest room. A bright outer zone, lit by windows, defines the double height corner living/media room and kitchen/dining area on the first floor and the master bedroom suite above. It’s contrasting neutral palette of white and grey synthetic materials – concrete, fritted-glass, and stainless and powder coated steel – focuses attention on the “sky zone” that frames city views. Interior apertures frame views between these contrasting areas.