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Dressers & Night Stands

Como 4-Drawer wooden dresser makes exclusive designer furniture in dressing or bedroom. With its clean crisp lines and contemporary appeal, it makes perfect day-by-day furniture. You can’t really go wrong with its edgy looks and great functionality.Intuitive, simple & utterly modern, this designer furniture is tad easy on space and practicality. The deep dresser drawer slide effortlessly to store your everyday stuff and the enamel finish bestows the unit with matchless sophistication. Wood veneers and a choice of most pleasing finishes add on to the enchantment. Add a mirror to create the perfect impression. Standing on metal feet—it makes durable, steady & elegant piece of furniture.Enhance your bedroom decor, from traditional to contemporary, with Como finely crafted dresser. The Modern Como dresser offers stylish storage, with superb functionality, right where you need it. This dresser will add a sophisticated style to your bedroom. Its deep drawers and Enamel finish makes this a truly sophisticated piece of furniture.

Sometimes plain designer furniture can mean a lot to your bedroom ambience. With the right designer furniture, your bedroom can expect a real facelift. Whimsical and asymmetrical, the detachable drawer box is customizable by available wall space; it may be pushed all the way in or partially pulled out to rest on the bed`s side rail. Drawer box is available in Matte Cafe finish.

6-drawer dresser with concave exterior & hourglass shaped mirror together provide a dramatic background to any room setting. The clean sculptural lines make the furniture an excellent choice for a contemporary design environment. It`s unique design is perfect for any modern home. Fill your bedroom with style and luxury so that you can relax and lounge away.
This contemporary combination of 6 drawer dresser and hourglass mirror provides a fashionable yet functional look to any bedroom. This combination is available in maple & dark espresso finishes respectively which make this a truly attractive piece of furniture.

The Webb Double Dresser is an excellent "broad-shouldered" dresser designed to satisfy the hardest of all grooming needs.Make a "broad" difference to your grooming habits. The Webb Double Dresser is a nice broad dresser designed to satisfy the hardest of all grooming needs. With an enchanting look and feel with a dark wooden hue, the "broad-shouldered" Webb Double Dresser is an enviable piece of grooming furniture that is made to stand out from the bandwagon. With a unique design which stresses on perfect finish, artistic excellence, fine Italian craftsmanship and sheer beauty, the Webb Double Dresser is an excellent stopover for some grooming at leisure.
The Webb Double Dresser, sourced from one of the finest European designers, is a furniture that is sculpted in ebony wood with a streaky finish. It is equipped with six, equal-sized drawers, three on either side. The elegant pieces of drawers are perfect utility pieces to store all types of grooming paraphernalia. The stylish framework reflects contemporary Italian trends. The smooth surface of the dresser acts as a desk for the grooming paraphernalia that may be spread out on the surface for use. A broad glossy mirror with thick dark frame towers over the dresser like the hood of a giant cobra. Together, they constitute an inseparable pair. However, the mirror is optional, and the dresser is available with or without mirror.

Grooming is the name of the game, and you can play the game with the Bali Modern Combo Unit. Contemporary in utility, style, and beauty, the Bali Modern Combo Unit is going to smite anyone who stands in front of it. Designed by the well-known designer Fratelli Rossetto, the design focuses exclusively on compact utility with a taste for contemporary elegance, style, and beauty. The Bali Modern Combo Unit does not occupy much space. The compactness of the combo unit is very evident in the way it is structured. Rossetto has followed simple principles for optimum utility of the furniture. The Bali Modern Combo Unit includes a considerably medium-sized rotating mirror to admire yourself, a pretty drawer chest for stuffing your grooming paraphernalia in after use, a simple dressing table to spread your grooming paraphernalia when in use, and a nice little pouff for you to sit. The rotating mirror facilitates mirror movement in any direction. So, you can check how you look from different angles by rotating the mirror to any degree. The dressing table and the drawer chest are very much accessible and useful. So, you don't have to stretch your neck or hands like a giraffe next time. The Bali Modern Combo Unit is available in wenge and teak finishes.

Discover a unique combo of simplicity and utility. Discover the Dandy 4-Drawer Dresser.Plain, simple dressers are storming the market with determination. These dressers stress on simplicity and utility. Designer Paolo Cattelan must have probably realized this trend with futuristic thoughts. Because, Cattelan Italia is focusing on imbibing these virtues in the dressers it creates.
The Dandy 4-Drawer Dresser is one such product. The simple Italian design concentrates on shades of subtle beauty and utility. The Dandy 4-Drawer Dresser is a quiet, unassuming dresser with four lengthy drawers. The surface of the dresser is a very smooth area which can be used as a storage area as well.
In fact, this area can be an ideal area for placing your frequently used grooming paraphernalia. The real beauty of the Dandy 4-Drawer Dresser can be found in the mutually beneficial relationship between wood and leather. Also noticeable is the Dandy 4-Drawer Dresser's convenient height.

Experience the plain beauty and simplicity of the Dandy 8-Drawer Double Dresser. Of late, designers are concentrating on plain dressers. Plain dressers emanate beauty and simplicity. The Dandy 8-Drawer Double Dresser belongs to this bandwagon. Not all dressers are attractive when they are plain. But this one breaks the unwritten caveat. The Dandy 8-Drawer Double Dresser is plain but elegant.
The simple Italian design concentrates on utility and simplicity. The Dandy 8-Drawer Double Dresser is an amazing dresser with a neat arrangement of eight drawers, four on either side.
All drawers are spacious and equal in size. The double dresser is quite lengthy. As such, there is ample amount of storage space inside. The front portions of the drawers are done in leather. The feet are made of steel, and they support the dresser quite gracefully.

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