Friday, February 25, 2011

Luxury Dream House Design in Laguna Beach

The splendor of this house lights luxury one of the most chic of Laguna Beach, California . The block building was built last year, following a design philosophy of contemporary edge. Obvious to talk about a dream house, where each space is offered at the sight with enviable beauty. Within the walls of the house there are five bedrooms and ten bathrooms, and many rooms for social life. Most of the magic is in the large halls covering as in a painting the outside world, to integrate it into their dialectical alchemy, which is expressed at the highest levels. The areas covered are linked seamlessly with those purposes, as a front-row seat on a stunning setting that steals feeling. In the construction were used the best materials. The bodies are shaped furniture with fine ingredients. The price is adjusted to the whole: 32.5 million dollars .

Modern Design of Castadiva Resort, experience luxury on Lake Como

Castadiva Resort is a hotel complex of luxury hotels opened since last June on the western branch of Lake Como , in the municipality of Blevio. The structure is composed of nine villas, set in a botanical garden full of trees, diverse species and several tall trees, an area of about 26 000 square meters. The units are connected by a path made up of roads, walkways and stairs surrounded by greenery. Roccabruna Villa, which is the nucleus around which develops the resort, is known for his noble acquaintances of the eighteenth century and for being home to the famous opera singer Giuditta Pasta. The artist, the first interpreter of the law, was therefore the first “Casta Diva” Hymn to the Moon, created especially for her by Bellini, the “moon” of Lake Como. The complex has a wonderful spa, confirming excellent hospitality and exclusive.

Fantastic House and carefully modeled Design

Like other luxury villas reviewed in recent months, even that rises in today Aspen , Colorado. The house, carefully modeled, linking the interior to the outside world, with fantastic entertainment areas of the lucky guests who can enjoy the splendor of the landscape covered by a convenient location, away from the cold of the mountain. Even the five bedrooms are in a privileged position to enjoy each moment of the day the magic of nature. The choices of furnishings produce warm and welcoming, where you feel the warm embrace of a canvas prepared with taste. The expansive wood panels are a sign of affection towards those who live in its volumes. The price of nearly four million dollars .

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Luxurious Private Residence design in The Pacific Palisades

This house is a private residence up for sale here for the sum of $3,499,000. The project belongs to Gallagher Design and it is a display of opulence and style. The whole property is situated on a surface of 9191.0 sq. feet and the surroundings are magnificent. The building houses an impressive number of rooms: seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a home theater, an impressive kitchen, a wine cellar, a spacious garage and not to mention an unbelievable yard and a special rooftop observatory where you can enjoy the ocean view. All these are complemented by a tasteful interior design with many modern elements.