Thursday, July 15, 2010

Modern Minimalist House in Dalkey By Irish architects

Modern Minimalist House in Dalkey by De Blacam and Meagher Architects

This road is situated 5 minutes walk from Dalkey village up and make a separate two-storey house on the south side is higher, while the north side under the roof of a collection of bungalows, with additional in the rear. Our site has been established on the underside of the road and down a steep slope in the north offering views of Dublin bay.

The old house, like many on the road, taking advantage of any opinions or attitudes. The living room, dining room and kitchen have access to the outside so that almost no relation to either the front or rear garden. This scheme is very stiff [] reduces the cellular to the second floor of the house plan as a necessary and significant improvements had decided to move from the site.

New home designed to take advantage of the features of the site and maintain accommodation at the front of the first floor a short way. The ground floor was raised by 1.2 million to take over the panorama of Dublin Bay from the top level. Kitchen and dining room with a loggia in the south for shelter and privacy. Spacious living room to the rear roof terrace view to the north of Howth.

At the lowest level of the street fa├žade de [], so we cut the sunken court bedrooms 6 cells, according to Le Corbusiers La Tourette monastery, have privacy, light and fresh air. Although this is a small bedroom, users have a variety of spatial environments elsewhere in the house to rest and play.

This level extends back to meet the slope of the site and are still the main bedroom and living room on the north side. The main bathroom, utility plants and a TV room, as well as weapons of sitting in the middle of the lower level.

Modern Minimalist House in Dalkey - Small Garden

Modern Minimalist House in Dalkey - White Kitchen Design

Modern Minimalist House in Dalkey - Glass Slading Door

Modern Minimalist House in Dalkey - Dining and Kitchen Design

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