Sunday, October 31, 2010

Modern Contemporary Landscape SALC Houses Design in Brazil

The Charming Minimalist SALC House Design Landscape house architecture design idea of a resident reserve in the condominium guided the deployment and the opening of the luxury residence located in Mogi das Cruzes near Sao Paulo, Brazil. SALC house is a delightful and minimalist dream house design designed by Frederico Zanelato Architects which has beautiful natural atmosphere. The main characteristic is the focus when looking at contemporary home interior and exterior architectural decoration items fresh, clean and modern. A huge support rectangular space houses a most unusual at the residence. The large windows design from floor to maximum allows clear views of the exterior. The big red color schemes finished carry a plus of newness and vitality to the overall house design. The interior design ideas are luxury, minimalist style, featuring modern decorating ideas and fashionable furniture.

The service room and vehicles garage is detained under the ground floor in the social block. Comfortable living room and kitchen are measured in an integrated and a grand opening this volume frames the green landscape architecture. The luxurious master bedrooms, colorful and cool playroom design, home office and bathrooms acquire the body back of the home forming a courtyard kept for more family living rest activities. The only flat roof covering the dorms creates one more volume try that also homes the water tank. Glass panels carry transparency atmosphere. Ceramic covering the floor of the social areas, and masonry wall decors to receive display lath. Thus, discerning the possible modern landscapes, took advantage of the sloping ground for the majority suitable share of the program of the house and, consequently, the conformation of enjoyable living areas.

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