Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home Design Ideas Series: Investing in Butterfly Roof Home Design

Butterfly Roof Home Design

A house design with butterfly roof can be found many during the American post war. Although the design already found during the post war, it’s not outdated to have a butterfly roof home design today as it bring clean lines and organic elements toward your urban development. What’s more it’s still a modern home trademark until today and still worth in investing towards this kind of home design.

Why should you invest on butterfly roof home design? By the time you learn about a butterfly roof home design, you will notice that this kind of organic home design brings more benefits to you. In the arid climate of extreme periods of drought the butterfly roof can become useful to capture rainfall and channel it into a contained space. It also provides the house with open air feel house concept and bring towards more sunlight which means you’re reducing the use of electricity and this means less fans or air conditioning usage during the day.

As we mention that this butterfly roof house can capture rainfall it means that if we break it down then we will have the water collected for watering plants, flushing toilets and even for drinking. The butterfly roof house can be very aerodynamic as it can be useful in climates with severe winds. By investing through a butterfly home design the benefits that you will also get advancements in exterior design such as window placement. In a climate which is extreme like today this organic house design is worth it and also up to date with the post modern design. Worth to invest isn’t it?

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