Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lavender Baby Nurse Ideas

Laura from The Scoop designed this impressive baby nursery. This mod nursery feels calm and serene.

Lavender Baby Nurse IdeasLavender Baby Nurse IdeasLavender Baby Nurse IdeasLavender Baby Nurse IdeasLavender Baby Nurse IdeasThe accessories are clever and inviting. The mirror is from ikea.

For girl rooms, we've narrowed it down to something feminine and pretty, but beyond that, we haven't gotten very far. As with a boy nursery, the furniture is all white. The existing nursery walls are pale blue, but I'm not sure I'd want to keep them that color. I kind of feel like if we do a second girl nursery, I'd like to do something different from the pink and blue look we had for Meredith.

Here is what we have so far:

Idea #1

This is the easiest option by far, because it involves leaving the walls their existing color. We'd opt for a shabby chic look using one of these two bedding sets:

Lavender Baby Nurse IdeasLavender Baby Nurse Ideas
Accessories (safely out of Pea's reach, of course) would include lots of crystal and floral. I'm envisioning a crystal lamp base with a pale pink shade, a pink rose topiary, a pretty china tea set, and perhaps a crystal picture frame on top of the dresser.

I'm not sure what we'd do for artwork on the walls in this room. I did find some vintage-style floral prints, so perhaps that's an option. I usually build rooms around the artwork, so it bugs me that I'm not sure how I'd adorn the walls, and I worry that the room wouldn't feel truly "finished" without the perfect artistic touch.

I think this nursery would be quite lovely, however it would also be quite reminiscent of Meredith's nursery, and that bothers me. Pea, if she is a she, will already inherit a lot of Meredith's clothes, blankets, burp cloths, toys, etc., and I'd like for her to have her own unique space.

Idea #2

I love the look of lavender and light green for a little girl's nursery. We're picturing something along these lines.

Lavender Baby Nurse IdeasWe'd paint the walls a pale hint of green. The bedding set pictured above is massively overpriced, so we'd likely need to have something comparable made. The "bebe" would hang above the crib and would be fairly easy to construct. As in Idea #1, we'd include very feminine touches in the room, but of course they'd be in shades of lavender and pale green. The room gets a decent amount of sunlight (we started some of our garden's seedlings in there!), so we love the idea of having a real lavender plant in a pretty pot on the dresser.

Idea #3

We also like the idea of combining pink and green into a pretty room for Pea. I lean towards painting the walls a fun shade of green because I think pink walls would be too much pink for my taste.

Lavender Baby Nurse IdeasWe'd probably go with a simple lamp with a white lamp shade that I could easily embellish with pink and green grosgrain ribbon. I'd probably do similar curtains as well - with white pink and green ribbon trim. Aside from painting the room, this nursery would be fairly easy to do. The bedding is very affordable, and the art ideas are simple.

So which girl nursery do you like best? Shabby chic with blue walls? Lavender and green? Or bright pink and green? Any suggestions? Anything you'd do differently?

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