Friday, February 25, 2011

Luxury Dream House Design in Laguna Beach

The splendor of this house lights luxury one of the most chic of Laguna Beach, California . The block building was built last year, following a design philosophy of contemporary edge. Obvious to talk about a dream house, where each space is offered at the sight with enviable beauty. Within the walls of the house there are five bedrooms and ten bathrooms, and many rooms for social life. Most of the magic is in the large halls covering as in a painting the outside world, to integrate it into their dialectical alchemy, which is expressed at the highest levels. The areas covered are linked seamlessly with those purposes, as a front-row seat on a stunning setting that steals feeling. In the construction were used the best materials. The bodies are shaped furniture with fine ingredients. The price is adjusted to the whole: 32.5 million dollars .

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