Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Luxurious interior Flat in Hampstead, London by Stephen Fletcher Architects

The Luxurious flat in Hampstead was designed by Stephen Fletcher Architects is located in London NW3, United Kingdom. The architects have recently renovated it, were commissioned to transform a large run-down flat occupying the ground floor and basement of a grand house into a spectacular contemporary residence. Stephen Fletcher Architects’ brief was to create a series of living and entertainment spaces at ground floor level, retaining the nest of the existing features, and a series of private bedroom quarters with a more contemporary feel at basement level.

The property was originally built for a gentleman artist in the 1870s who installed various features, including the gothic panelling and stained glass in the Living Room, taken from a French church. Since its conversion into a boarding house soon after the First World War, and then flats in the 1960s, hardly any remedial work had been undertaken, and the place was in a perilous state.

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