Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beautiful Combination of Modern Kitchen

Combination of Modern KitchenThis modern kitchen is marked by the awesome combination of wood and stainless steel surface that looks very stylish. This is thanks to modular and very flexible and convenient to cook. These functional elements of stainless steel kitchen is decorated with original bar with the thick, wooden high waterproof and ideal for long use. Italian contemporary kitchen manufacturer, Elmar, has presented some interesting kitchens in the 2009 Catalog. Wood kitchen section is available in a variety of finish: matt or gloss lacquer in different colors and various shades of natural oak. Among them was the model of El El_01 System, which stood by the many innovations from the kitchen of different people. Very thin stainless steel rack and the top is one of the interesting features that add a touch of improving it. Kitchen island also needs your attention.

Combination of Modern KitchenCombination of Modern KitchenCombination of Modern Kitchen

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