Friday, March 26, 2010

Sustainable Suburban Living by McLean Architects in United Kingdom

Sustainable Suburban Living by McLean Architects in Glasgow United Kingdom

The sustainable suburban living, ‘Beacon’ is the sustainable home design that located in Glasgow, United Kingdom, on an elevated, south facing site with expansive views over the City of Glasgow to the south, and the hills to the north. Beacon house was designed by Don McLean of McLean Architects is a new-build house for his family, along sustainable home design principles on a tight, challenging suburban site north of Glasgow. To the rear of the property is the Antonine Wall, a World Heritage Site.

The site of the sustainable home design was identified for the challenge it presented for designing a contemporary home in a dense suburban landscape. The aim was to create an entirely appropriate intervention in a conventional street but to maximise the inherent advantages of elevation and aspect. Thus, all four bedrooms, study and ancillary accommodation are provided at a mid level, with the family room opening out to the rear garden. Garage space is provided below this level. Living room, dining room and kitchen accommodation is provided at the upper level in an open plan ‘loft’ style space that opens out to the south deck by way of a large bi-folding screen. Further south facing glazing is provided over the stair, enhancing the extent of the view at the upper level.

‘Beacon’ is built in Insulated Concrete Formwork, providing an airtight very isolated and high structural integrity, with a concrete floor passive mid to store energy from the south facing glass. Part of the roof, finished in stainless steel, creating overhangs to provide shade in the southern summer, and facilitate solar passive solar gain from the low-road in the winter months. The main heating is via an air source heat pump twin with under floor heating system, reducing the like-for-like energy use by 40%. A wood stove with own source of fresh air directly from outside, to prevent drafts drawn through the house, providing an additional heater and focus.

Sustainable Suburban Living interior of Beacon house
Sustainable Suburban Living interior of kitchen and dining room
Sustainable Suburban Living interior staircase and glass wall