Monday, November 30, 2009

Bathroom Towel Storage Options Series Part Three-Open Shelves

Welcome back to my Bathroom Towel Storage Option Series! This time we will look at various options for storing towels on open shelves in a bathroom.  Enjoy the very diverse designs shown in the photos below.  Blessings.  …susan


Source: Bathrooms by Chris Casson Madden

^The built-in shelves seen in the photo above serves many functions including a shelf for a television, audio controls, books, towel storage, and toiletries. I like how they used different colors of towels to enhance the shelves. I am not sure how functional and safe it is to have a lamp on the vanity counter. I do like the wall mount of the faucet instead of it being mounted on the vanity counter.


Source: Timber Homes Illustrated

^I am assuming on the opposite end of the vanity which is not seen is the same medicine cabinet with open shelf for towels as shown above. This will provide a generous amount of space for towel storage. Note on the left side of the photo is the bath tub and there is a basket with wash cloths.



Source: The Bathroom Idea Book by Andrew Wormer

^I like the thickness of the glass shelves shown above though I tend to shy away from glass shelves due to the fact the dust they collect is usually quite noticeable.


^Source Unknown-if you know the source and contact me I will note it.

I like these cubby holes created in the stone. Also not the side wall above the vanity is on an angle.  I like the long hardware handles used on the cabinets.


Source: The Bathroom Idea Book by Andrew Wormer

^An interesting design using an aquarium instead of a fireplace. Note there are more towels in the chest on the shelf above the aquarium which I assume are the wash cloths and hand towels.



Source: Bathrooms by Chris Casson Madden

^The glass shelves filled with floral printed towels shown above is a bit too busy for my taste though it offers another option for bathroom towel storage.


Source:  Bathrooms by House Beautiful

^An interesting and different kind of bathroom design that on first look appeared to me to be a his and her side with the towels and seated area dividing the two sides. Upon further inspection the wall behind the seated make-up area is a mirror. Note how the drawers are on an upward diagonal. Those look like some powerful lights mounted on the mirror above the make-up table.

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